Velvet heartbeat designs and manufactures exquisite handbags and accessories for conscious fashion people. The foundation of this brand is firmly rooted in the values of vegetarians; Do not harm animals, humans and the earth, and help promote the fashion industry to a future where all fashion is moral.

No abuse
Velvet heartbeat believes that animals should not be harmed for fashion, so all velvet heartbeat materials do not contain any animal products.

Reduce fashion waste
Velvet heartbeat believes in using existing things to reduce waste in the fashion industry, so materials and hardware come from surplus products, retro components and upgraded and reconstituted goods.

Sustainable textiles
Velvet heartbeat believes in the future of fashion based on plants. Velvet heartbeat’s PI ñ ATEX pineapple leather bag series is made from the fiber leaves of pineapple plants — this is a waste product before pineapple planting and is also a source of additional income for farmers. Velvet heartbeat has been studying new cutting-edge Sustainable Textile Technology, so please continue to pay attention!

Slow fashion
Mass production and fast fashion have little charm. Overproduced clothing and accessories are burned or sent to landfills after people and the environment have paid the price for their production can not help but make people feel terrible. Fashion should be interesting, expressive, and not harmful, so velvet heartbeat believes producing eternal and nonseasonal styles is morally necessary. Every bag is made in small batches or on order, and every bag is lifelong.

Low waste workshop
Velvet heartbeat uses all the waste and residues to return to the future design. Even loose threads and too small fabrics can be used as fillers for smaller items, such as pommel key rings.

Velvet heartbeat has a firm position: never pay less than the living wage, and ensure that anyone who makes their products is treated reasonably and safely at work. Money is not a good reason to harm anyone’s well-being.

Brand value
+New Zealand design
All velvet heartbeat handbags were designed by Suzie Eggleton, the founder of velvet heartbeat, in her studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

+Made in New Zealand
All velvet heartbeat bags were made in the velvet heartbeat studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand.

+Sustainable and zero waste
Velvet heartbeat handbags are made of finished goods, upgraded and recycled or fabrics from sustainable and responsible sources to reduce waste. All leftovers are reused in future series. Velvet heartbeat handbags can also be “customized on-demand” to minimize waste collection. Each velvet heartbeat handbag is designed to be worn and loved season after season, year after year. Velvet heartbeat resonates with the word “low waste” because all waste and lose wires are collected and reused in future designs. Velvet heartbeat uses household compostable and/or recyclable packaging, and all workshop waste is classified as reuse, compost or recyclable to minimize landfill.

+Ethical compliance
All velvet heartbeat handbags were made in the velvet heartbeat studio in Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand, and all employees received higher ethical and living wages.

+Eco friendly fabric
Velvet heartbeat handbags are made of natural and biodegradable materials such as PI ñ ATEX pineapple peel, cotton, hemp and linen from recycled coffee bags.

Velvet heartbeat is “made in New Zealand through the” buy made in New Zealand “certification.

All velvet heartbeat handbags are pollution-free and pure. No animals were injured in textile production or manufacturing, and animal textiles or by-products were not used in velvet heartbeat products.

You can ask the team of velvet heartbeat for any information about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes. Velvet heartbeat is a transparent brand. They understand the source of materials and the moral and sustainable behavior throughout the production cycle.

+Velvet heartbeat is certified as made in New Zealand by “buy made in New Zealand”.

The velvet heartbeat bag is designed and made ethically in Albert hill, Auckland, New Zealand.
To support the fashion future of sustainable development, please buy all-vegetarian bags of velvet heartbeat here.

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