Valentino Donna

Lightness, elegance and precious refinement are the characteristics of the Valentino world defined by Maria Grazia chiuri and Pierpaolo piccioli. It is inhabited by a strong and fragile woman, consistent and unpredictable, firm and delicate woman, just like women today. The studio in Palazzo mignanelli is the historic headquarters of Maison in the centre of Rome. Here, contemporary creativity and advanced customization are combined to pursue eternal elegance generated by uniqueness, poetry and invention. Haute couture is unique because the talents and skills needed to make it – whether it’s a T-shirt or an evening dress – are impressive. This trait — like a DNA strand– permeates Valentino’s atmosphere.

There is a trace of elegance, fragility, unruly and frankness in this perceptual and independent person, who can have sudden passion and unexpected shyness. Is she an actress? A lover? Characters in black movies? She seems to be saying “I’m mine”, which is a fact, not a provocation. To interpret this woman with such glittering and complex seduction, Maria Grazia kiuri and pierpaul picoli chose the young actress Astrid Burgess Frisby. Her classic face and amazing maturity are a blend of elegance and pride. In the portrait shot by Steven Meisel, and directed by Louis Garrel, Astrid is both a woman and an actress, both real and fictional. She broke the illusion, just like in a new fuzzy film, realizing that being herself also means explaining a character.

In order to put on complex and simple clothes for this person, perfumers Sonia Constant and Antoine Maison Dieu imagined a classic and changeable perfume, which seems to have always existed: a subtle, light and unique fragrance, with an attractive and profound Italian flavour. Valentino Donna is mysterious, exquisite and eternal, just like an advanced customized item. Rose essence, generously mixed with the fragrance of bergamot and paleda iris, illuminates this perfume with delicate light and elusive texture. The warm and strong leather smell is mixed with patchouli and vanilla to express a delicate and inescapable lust.

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