Valentina avramides is a limited edition luxury scarf, which is the pride of Australian manufacturing and design.

Sydney fashion designer and artist Valentina avramides is inspired by her love for dance, music, poetry, modern art, fashion and charm.

She was inspired by the vitality, economy and clarity of lines of great modern artists such as Matisse, Dali, Picasso and Giacometti.

Her original works of art use mixed media, including Japanese ink paintings, watercolours, pens and collages on parchment. Each piece of art has been carefully transplanted into the new luxury scarf series.

Think positive carries out digital printing and manual rolling in Sydney. Each design is inspired by songs, poems and spiritual guidance, revealing the beauty of depth in life. Nothing can endow any combination with taste, femininity and elegance more than a scarf, let alone “a little advantage”.
Sustainable development is crucial for Valentina avramides brand, which is carefully woven in process, production and packaging. The water-based ink is non-toxic and recyclable, without irritating chemicals or dyes.

Each scarf reflects one side of you, and you will recognize the one that can best reveal you’re true spirit. Because magic is intertwined in the “dance of spirit” and “dance of life” series, you will find that, like a diamond, the right design will choose you.
Nothing can give any combination of taste, femininity and elegance, as well as a bit of advantage, more than a scarf. Your scarf reflects your unique style, and your scarf is your signature. Valentina avramid scarves are the perfect gift for more appreciative and style-conscious women.
Valentina avramidis Decorate yourself with silk jewellery.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All Valentina avramides’ products are designed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All Valentina avramides’ products are manufactured in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+Sustainable development
Valentina avramides’ product range includes well-thought-out works of high quality, which means that each assignment is durable and can be loved for many years. Valentina avramides uses water-based inks, which are recycled in the manufacturing process, and they also work with ECA Certified Digital fabric printers.

+Conform to ethical standards
Valentina avramides manufactures every product safely and transparently. All products are produced by Australian manufacturers, who operate legally and pay legal wages.

+Eco friendly fabric
All Valentina avramides’ products are made of 100% silk.

You can ask Valentina avramides’ team any questions about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes.

Valentina avramides is designed in Coogee and manufactured in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Buy all Valentina avramides’ collections here to support the future of ethical fashion.

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