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The Skincare Secrets

At the end of my week of isolation treatment and full-body scanning in the hospital, I want to introduce to you my skin secret under your many requirements. It’s not that I wanted to keep this secret from the beginning, but when I received your comments and questions – always so flattering – about what I did to my skin to make it look like this, you made me think it was a “beauty secret recipe”. In short, what do I use? First, I’m not a good girl in beauty procedures. I often don’t wash my face at night because I’m too tired or lazy to wash. I know this may not be the way, but the thought that I have a good morning skincare program makes me sleep well at night. In addition, I believe that if you take care of your skin too well and wash too often, it will also be bad for you – this is another reason for me only to do morning.

Speaking of this, I wash my face in the shower at the beginning of the morning, dry it with a towel, and then make the following choices. Do I use day cream or facial oil? The answer depends on how dry my skin is — note that since I had thyroid surgery and radiation, my skin is more dehydrated than usual. Therefore, I will use Rudolph facial oil when my skin looks very dry. I only use it below the eyes. My forehead is never dry. When I put oil on it, I may make it greasy and shiny. We don’t want this either. It’s the case now. When my skin feels moderately dry or I want to apply something rich to my face, I use Clarins’ multi-purpose day cream. I have used it for many years. Also, don’t use it on my forehead, or just a little.

When my skin feels normal, I like to use 111 skincare space anti-aging day cream, which is very light and super fresh. I like this face cream very much, but oil seems to be my only savior because my skin becomes very dry after radiation. I also use Clarins eye contour gel every once in a while, but I think it doesn’t work, or at least it’s not the way I do it — not every day — so I don’t know whether it makes sense to do it anyway. Last but not least, a recent happy discovery is my super cheap L’Oreal magic BB cream. I use it after my oil or day cream. I don’t use it everywhere on my face, just above/below my eyes, cheeks, and a small part on my forehead. This makes me look less tired and my skin is more uniform. I believe this is very effective.

I don’t think there’s any secret to having good skin. I think it’s all about finding something good for you and being lucky to have some good genes — sorry. Testing everything you believe may work will get you to the point where you have your “secret” skin formula. I’d like to hear about your beauty program! Have you found your ideal product? Have you found your perfect product?