The Final Touch of the Rocky Look

Jeff and I shot this beautiful Chlo é shape and perfume in the busy show schedule and the heavy rain. Unfortunately, it rained a little in the last few days of Paris fashion week, but we managed to make it work through some autumn favorites. So although this article is not really about modeling, it is about what gave it the last touch this time.

Now, some of you often ask me about my favorite beauty. The reason for doing more beauty topics on — I think sharing my latest achievements in the perfume field will be interesting. Chloé Eau de Parfum。 Because I have apparent weaknesses in this brand, it is impossible not to try their scent.

I like to try a new perfume: “I smell myself again”. I guess it sounds strange, but you know when you always use the same scent, you won’t even notice it anymore. The sweet and fresh taste of Chlo é perfume reminds me of the romance of Paris, from its beautiful gardens and charming roadside cafes to its effortless fashion women. The bottle is solid and sweet, with a slight pink bow on the neck.

Besides, I am fascinated with Deli Hemingway as the new perfume spokesperson. She embodies strength and sweetness, capturing the spirit and natural beauty of Parisian women. Although I am here, trying to guide her to the fantastic representative of the brand and their new perfume, she poses a little clumsy on the streets of Paris. I want to say you should be there, or at least try it!

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