The tradition of Tatyana Anderson is witnessed in the meticulous elegance of her luxurious bedroom clothing series. Tatyana was born in Russia and trained in fashion design, pattern making and sewing. She immigrated to Australia in 1989. As a third-generation fashion designer, she began sewing at 5, helping her grandmother make evening dresses for one of her many clients. Later, she applied her talents to suits, corsets, children’s clothes, evening clothes and wedding dresses, but luxurious and exquisite bedroom clothes are her passion and imagination.

Her magnificent works are described as structured, dignified and low-key luxury. Tatiana is keen to live in Melbourne and run her business locally with her hand-selected team of talented artisans. She is committed to designing and producing luxurious clothes in her boutique studio in Melbourne following the high standards set and recognized by the Australian ethical clothing association.

Tatyana has worked tirelessly with artisans worldwide to raise her clothes to a higher level of luxury through elegant embroidery, luxurious lace, Swarovski crystals and handmade jewellery, all of which are carefully decorated for each garment.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All Tatyana design products are designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All Tatyana design products are manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

+Sustainable and zero waste
Tatyana Design is a zero-waste brand, with very little waste generated in the production process. All series of products are carefully considered, containing manual skills and excellent quality, which means that each product is durable and can be loved for many years in the future. All the leftovers make eye masks, and the whole series is “made on-demand”.

+Conform to ethical standards
Tatyana designs produce every product in a safe working environment. Each product is handmade in their Melbourne studio, using the highest quality skills and possible ethical practices.

+Eco friendly fabric
Tatyana designs use beautiful eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable fabric combinations, including silk and cotton.

Tatyana Design is certified by the Australian ethical clothing association (ECA) authentication.

+Australian ethical clothing association
Tatyana Design is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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