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Take a Look at New Me

In this way, we entered June. Full of fresh fashion week memories, full of energy to welcome the new season, but exhausted by the tight schedule in September. My plan is not so crazy — from a fashion point of view — I can’t go to Paris at all because I’m restricted to eating out. I mean, when you’re in Paris, one of the things you want to do is eat out, right? Therefore, while following my social media account and paying close attention to everything that happens, I try to prepare for the last step of this thyroid condition: one-time radiotherapy. After that, I will get rid of the bad things in my body — although it feels very contradictory to achieve this goal by putting radioactive iodine into my body — and a new start will be in place.

For a new start — wait a minute, I’m going to take an exciting path — I’ll need to program my brain and focus on the good things after this treatment. Looking back on the past few months, my heart is heavy and unreal. I want to put these behind me. Just like the memories brought by music, so is the smell of the sea, the freshly washed towel, and the perfume of your first boyfriend. Smells — good or bad — are small connections between moments in your life, and these become memories. Therefore, I want to start over with a new perfume. However, if there’s one thing I’m terrible about, it’s choosing a new perfume. Therefore, when the new Armani s ì perfume knocks on my door, I can only warmly welcome its arrival. When taking these photos, I smelled its fragrance, consistent with my taste: fresh and feminine. I will not use it until the 16th, when it marks the beginning of a new stage in my life. I feel more vital than ever in the post-thyroid cancer stage and ready to take unknown risks.