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Superegg was discovered based on meaningful and honest values. It weaves three central themes in my life — eggs, beauty and balance. This series stems from my growing-up experience in Korea, where eggs are used as part of beauty rituals. I have observed my grandmother and mother paint different parts of eggs on their faces since I was a child. Because protein, egg yolk, and eggshell membrane contain unique, essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are conducive to supplementing elasticity and deep hydration, we have carefully designed a beauty formula and design style according to the nutrition you get from eggs, but it is a vegetable egg. We reimagine the power of eggs as a vegetarian version of each ingredient, honing its unique functions. I want to make sure that what I create is gentle not only for the skin, but also for the earth.

I think eggs symbolize birth; every new day is an opportunity to reset and start again. My relationship with beauty lies in cultivating solid internal strength and empowering others simultaneously. Understanding a person’s skin needs requires a unique set of ears, and my superegg is designed to help users adjust more closely. I believe that maintaining healthy and balanced skin is related to overall well-being. I am inspired by the positive effects of kindness and collective work to achieve more significant interests.

When we study different aspects of eggs in-depth, we realize that every part of eggs – protein, yolk and eggshell membrane – has unique characteristics suitable for the skin. This led us to create egg twins with solid botanical components.

Egg yolk contains lecithin, collagen, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and other ingredients, which can moisturize and whiten the skin and many antioxidants. We created York duplex ™ (egg yolk complex), we use innovative technology to replicate these vital egg yolk nutrients with 24 advanced vegetarian ingredients, including hydrogenated lecithin, vitamin E, and chicory root extract.
Egg white contains albumin, collagen, vitamins, amino acids and minerals, which can tighten and enhance the skin and reduce excess sebum. WHITE DUPLEX ™ (protein replication complex) contains 22 advanced vegetarian ingredients to replicate these nutrients, including adenosine, temela and rice bran oil.

Eggshell membrane contains collagen, protein, elastin, amino acids and minerals, which can reverse age, smooth skin texture and reduce inflammation. SHELL DUPLEX ™ (eggshell membrane complex) contains 22 advanced vegetarian ingredients, including tripeptides, marine glycoproteins and plant stem cells.

We have launched two hero products. Masks will arrive in 2021.

Sound renewal is a dense nourishing Gel Cream composed of high-performance plant extracts and antioxidants. It makes your skin feel like a nutritional blanket. It is a lightweight formula that absorbs quickly while maintaining the luster and softness of the skin. We added Panthenol (vitamin B5) and squalane to the procedure to provide weightless moisturizing and moisturizing. PHA gently exfoliates and makes skin brighter and smoother. The base is Italian chrysanthemum (Ivy) flower water, which can relieve sensitive skin and irritation. Then, of course, we also have our York duplex ™; Its purpose is to replenish moisture and strengthen the skin.

Mild element is a luxurious foam cleanser, rich in plant extracts and antioxidants, which can effectively remove cosmetics, dirt and excess oil, while restoring the skin’s natural balance. Its pH value is 5.5, slightly acidic, but it is the ideal pH value for healthy skin. We use a mild non stripping detergent to melt impurities and soften the skin. Moringa oleifera can strengthen the skin barrier, vitamin C can whiten, and hyaluronic acid can moisturize the deep skin. AHA gently reshapes the skin, and microcapsule beads made of various plant cellulose, sugar, clay, amino acids and vitamin C melt after contact with the skin. Mild element cleanser contains white duplex ™, It can smooth and tighten the skin.

I hope superegg can help you achieve healthy and balanced skin on your skincare journey. I hope to hear your thoughts and feedback!

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