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Skincare Tools & Devices

Due to covid-19, I have been staying at home and cannot receive professional facial care as often as before, which has stimulated my interest in household facial tools and equipment. Tools are also suitable for maintaining the effectiveness of professional care. Stick to it and you will see noticeable results.

There are many choices for consumers to use at home. However, caution and caution are significant when using these tools. I learned the effectiveness of these tools and how to use them more thoroughly at the beautician school, but I recommend that anyone who starts using them should read the instructions and watch the brand tutorial video to use them on your skin as safely as possible.
If you have susceptible skin, acne, rosacea, sunburn, skin irritation, open wounds, abrasions or ulcers, you should not use them. I also ensure that I don’t use more than one or two devices daily to avoid overburdening my skin. It is essential not to exceed their suggested time limit (for example, for high-frequency equipment, you can use it for a few minutes at most). For micro current, they tell you to take a day off if you use it all week. You need to listen to your skin to stay healthy and happy!

Below are some suggestions categorized by their respective categories.

Facial massage
Facial massage has many advantages. It can include simply using your hands or tools such as scraping stones or jade rollers. Scraping is an ancient Chinese treatment technique. Because these stones feel relaxed, they help brighten the skin, reduce tension and edema, stimulate lymphatic excretion, and improve blood circulation (research shows that up to 400%!), Because it can take away toxins and bring oxygen and nutrients.

Cold therapy tightens the skin to reduce edema, inflammation and redness, while reducing the appearance of pores. It also helps relieve facial tension, headache, sunburn or irritated skin. I like to use ice hockey after the morning skin care program (before applying sunscreen). However, please do not use raw ice directly on the skin, because it can slow down the blood flow, depriving the tissue of oxygen, and cause permanent damage to the skin and underlying tissues.

Hyperthermia helps detoxify and allows skin care products to penetrate more deeply. It is the perfect choice after applying essence or at the end of the skin care program.


The optical technology research of NASA has proved the effectiveness of LED. It helps fade dark spots, reduce scars, fight ulcers, stimulate collagen synthesis, reverse signs of damage, and help your skin become more substantial, tighter, fuller, smoother and brighter. Top-level facial masks differ in the number of LEDs, the materials used (consumer and medical-grade) and the treatment mode provided. If your skin problem is mild, you may not often use LED devices to see apparent effects.

Microcurrents can tighten, harmonize and enhance the skin. It uses low-voltage electricity to stimulate muscles and increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in skin cells. It helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, tighten the skin, and identify features. It can improve muscle tone, reduce edema, increase cell activity and collagen production, and tighten pores. Nuface and ziip can produce good results. Ziip uses nano current, which is a lower but more effective frequency. I find it very comfortable and easy to use, and I find myself using it often.

Exfoliation requires a sterile surgical knife to gently “scrape” the skin’s surface to remove the top layer of dead skin. This type of physical exfoliation can remove accumulated debris and trigger the process of cell regeneration. Shaving can remove “peach hair” or excess fine hair, which often gets dirt and grease, and create a flawless canvas for makeup and skin care products. In addition, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, noticeable acne scars and black spots, to show smooth, bright and young skin.

Microcrystalline grinding
Microcrystalline dermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure (a kind of exfoliation), which uses a unique applicator with a grinding surface to gently “Polish” the thick outer layer of the skin to revitalize it. It can update the overall skin tone and texture, and improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scars, chloasma and other skin related problems and conditions. There are two types, crystal and diamond tips, although diamond tips are more often used today. Tools used at home are practical, but you must use them gently and carefully to avoid bruising or excessive peeling.

High frequency
High frequency (also known as Tesla’s high-frequency current) was first developed by scientist Nikola Tesla at the end of the 19th century. Argon (violet) gas emits oxygen when it strikes the skin, killing the bacteria that cause acne. This helps to cure and treat current acne and prevent the occurrence of acne. Neon (Orange) gas promotes blood circulation, encourages cell turnover, and improves the permeability of products. You can use these devices in a specific area for 3-5 minutes and on the whole face for up to 20 minutes. For argon, you can treat it as a point, or use it daily. However, using it daily may cause some dryness, so just listen to your skin and know when to use less. This is the most effective way for me to treat acne.

Facial steam engine
The steam engine can soften dead cells, sebum, cosmetics and dirt on the skin’s surface. It enlarges pores, increases the product’s penetration, and helps clean the skin more thoroughly. It is believed to help eliminate toxins, increase blood circulation, and improve cell metabolism. Suppose you have sensitive skin (or you can try to place it further away from the face), acne, rosacea, couperose (telangiectasia), sunburn, skin irritation, open wounds, abrasions or ulcers. In that case, you should try to use more miniature face steamer. Make sure to use pure distilled water to prevent mineral deposits from accumulating in the machine and letting it evaporate to your face.