Sepia is a brand with respect for our earth as its core, and its soul is the praise of beauty. Sepia’s team believes that we can be as beautiful as the earth we are lucky to protect.

Sepia uses carefully selected fabrics that have less impact on the environment so that they can give back to the world without affecting beauty and style. Each of their products is a locally made swimsuit made of recycled waste plastic, using new technology to produce high-quality and durable fabrics.

These plastics may be collected from the beach, where you will wear a swimsuit, which provides a unique and beneficial experience.

Sepia reflects the tropical style of Costa Rica, the birthplace of Fiorella Castro, the brand’s founder. Fiorella’s diverse fashion background and love for nature gave her a unique perspective on life, leading to this iconic swimsuit series with Latin American Heart and high-tech, low-impact structure.
The exclusive printing supporting this series results from cooperation with local artists, bringing a shocking and truly personalized swimsuit series to the world.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All seapia clothing is sustainably designed in Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All seapia clothes are made ethically in Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia.

Sepia uses only to make all swimsuits, and 78% of the plastic materials can be recycled. In their latest collection, they also use only foil swimwear, usually done with new fibers. Sepia uses “carbon neutral” express companies, which means that they use all the useless inventory of other express companies and collect seapia’s packages on the way to and from other work. The team also produces all clothing in Sydney to reduce such travel. Sepia is also developing some products with surplus and unused fabrics.

Sepia manufactures every product safely and transparently. Every product is made in Sydney using the highest quality skills and ethical practices possible. Sepia’s team has been working hard to achieve the highest ethical standards possible and will always be committed to improving their practices to reflect this critical value.

No animals were injured in the process of textile production or manufacturing through seapia. Animal textiles or animal by-products are not used in their entire series.

You can ask seapia’s team questions about their supply chain, practices, and manufacturing processes.

+Recycling and recycling
Sepia used only to create their swimsuit collection, made from recycled nylon waste.
Sepia was designed and manufactured in Northbridge, New South Wales, Australia.

To support the future of ethical fashion, please buy all products of seapia here.

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