Preparation for Fashion Month

After finishing my fashion week, I know the method and what is not. Although, I must admit that I am still fine-tuning my “method”, because I am “learning” every season. Now, the first task of preparing for fashion week is planning. I have been wandering back and forth between not planning and planning because I like the idea of standing in front of the clothes rack of fashion week every morning to dress. First, you won’t fill that clothes rack with the latest Fendi and Chloe, so I need to make a good plan. In addition, I have learned that the latter can greatly reduce pressure. When you want to combine the back-to-back fashion week schedule with your family, this is simply the only way. Believe me. So, I do this step by step, start early, and make sure I have fun in the “process” and have fun in the “process.”

Beauty preparation
I work with my favorite Dutch beauty and health brand to ensure that I look and feel as good as possible in this busy month. Rituals。 In addition to the list of my favorite products I use all year round, I also tried some different products and completely adopted their concept, that is, to make “routine more meaningful” and create “my time” in the process. Below I write about this process, the products I use, and why I think you will like them.

Legs – before the fashion week starts, it is crucial to relax and create “my time”, because I know there is no time to sit down and scrub my legs or anything else during the fashion week. So I put all my energy into my facial and body rituals, starting with a good leg scrub to remove summer skin — still leaving a little sunburn. I used Himalayan scrub, a salt scrub that smells like roses. This is crazy. Oh, no, I didn’t shave my legs before sanding — you may have seen it — because someone once told me that I should never say. In short, I then used a rich moisturizing body cream called magic touch. It’s like leg cream. This is crazy.

Feet – Ai Ai Ai, if one part of my body suffered the most damage during the fashion month, it was my feet. These poor babies suddenly have to walk around in high heels every day. When they put on their sneakers, they will have blisters and sometimes even bleed. Therefore, I have to give them some TLC every morning, some extra love, not just before fashion month. I prefer to use my two favorite products. I have used them for years: Tao Qinghua foot scrub and Tao Laozi foot ointment. This combination has a super softening effect, so those hard-working feet get 100% cooling.

Equipment preparation
Favorite designers – I have my favorite designers. There are some changes every season, depending on their series. However, I believe that fashion week is a time to show my style to you, my distinguished readers, and others who don’t know me yet, so I insist on choosing the designer I like. Their series represents my style, they speak my language, and they are suitable for my life. This season’s favorites are Chloe, Valentino and Gucci. Speaking of jeans, I like to wear frame denim and true reliance, and I recently joined the list. They are the best rough hem jeans.

Favorite pieces — there are some shapes and key details that fascinate me every season. Sometimes I borrow these from the brand, sometimes I buy them. I have been captivated by Celine’s white slippers recently. My infatuation with Chloe’s Bohemian style is true, and Valentino’s black-and-white series also gives me a lot of inspiration.

Try it on and wear it — not every style and shape suits me, so whenever I borrow or buy something from a favorite brand, I will try it on at home, match it with the items in my current wardrobe, and plan a perfect shape. Whenever this happens, it doesn’t look as good on me as I hoped. It’s not uncomfortable, be honest with yourself and try to convince me that not everything is suitable for me, which is good! “.

Enjoy it – my ultimate goal is to be able to enjoy fashion month, fashion shows, and all the cocktail parties and signature parties that come with it. My secret to success is preparation. Not everyone would agree with me, but the fact is that when I came home after the performance of the day, two great children were waiting for me — they called me “Princess” when they put on the beautiful Chloe skirt — and needed my attention. There is no “relax”, only “Mom, keep moving!”. Therefore, I can make it meaningful by using beautiful beauty products whenever I have a little time before going to bed. These products smell very good and make me smile. Why don’t I want to share them with you!?

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