Natasha – Pitra is attracted by fabrics, pictures, and city streets and interprets her creative vision through her brand pitra in Melbourne.

The first picture skirt was sold at a charity event in 2014, prompting Natasa to continue her design. The brand’s organic followers continue to grow, such as Winton ave, a modern woman, Karolina Boskovic, singer and actor Jacqueline Lee freestone, and Tahan, the housewife of big brother, are all fans of Petra design.

Most of pitra’s works are handmade in Melbourne studios, reflecting Melbourne’s art and fashion scenes.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All pitra products are designed in the reservoir, Victoria, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All pitra products are manufactured in a reservoir in Victoria, Australia.

+Sustainable development
The pitra series includes thoughtful works with excellent quality, which means that each piece is designed to be durable and loved for many years to come. Every garment is “made to order” to minimize waste in the production process.

+Ethical compliance
Petra manufactures every product safely and transparently. All clothes are legally produced in their reservoir studio or by Australian certified manufacturers, which is in line with the code of ethics.

+Eco friendly fabric
All clothing of Petra is made of cotton, wool, or silk.

In the process of textile production or manufacturing, no animals were injured. The entire series of Petra does not use animal textiles or animal by-products.

You can ask the pitra team questions about their supply chain, practices, and manufacturing processes.

Pitra is designed and manufactured in the reservoir, Victoria, Australia.
Support the future of ethical fashion. Buy all the series of Petra here.

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