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Peach Palette Makeup

Recently, I have been trading my bold lipstick for a soft look. I call it “peach palette”. This is a combination of shadow, powder Blusher and lipstick, which can be perfectly combined. It is natural enough to be used during the day, but special enough at night.

I am no beauty expert or makeup master, but I like to play makeup. I try all kinds of things until they work. Here are the objects I use to create this shape and how I use them.

Smashbox Photo Edit Eye Shadow TrioAfter using concealer and foundation make-up, I used Smashbox’s nudie pic eye shadow disc. Dark. I use in the mood (orange eye shadow) to outline my eyelid folds and my lower eyeliner, lacy Sunday (cream eye shadow) to outline my eyebrow bones, and vintage (brown eye shadow) to follow my upper eyeliner. Finally, to add a little gloss, I used 10, OO likes in \goals three pieces set and gently placed it on my eyelids and lower eyelash line.

Anastasia dark brown eyebrow powder combination
To fill my eyebrows, I use Anastasia’s dark brown eyebrow powder. And apply a thick benefit they’re real eye black on my eyelashes to finish my eyes.

Burt’s bees nude peach powder Blusher
I like powder Blusher! I think it completely changes your face and makes you look energetic. The pink hue from Burt’s bees fits this palette well. I brush it on my cheeks and temples.

Under arrest lipstick from NARS
To complete this makeup, I used NARS’ under arrest lipstick. It is painted like lip gloss, but it is matte after drying. It is the perfect nude peach color for this makeup.

That’s it. It only takes 10 minutes to complete this makeup, which is perfect both during the day and at night.

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