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My Spring Hair Care

Spring is finally here, so I can open the window and listen to the birds on Saturday morning. I can smell the fragrance of trees and flowers. I can leave home without wearing a coat. Most importantly, I can clean my wardrobe and throw away all the heavy knitwear I need this winter. Spring makes me want to start over. For me, it means indulging in all kinds of beauty treatments, including trimming my hair roots and cutting my hair; Doing a good Pedicure; And doing a full body scrub to get rid of dry winter skin. However, let’s start with my hair, because this is my most striking feature. I will show you my hair history and share my plan.

In the past two years, my hair has experienced some shock. From 10 years of stable highlights to platinum, I always thought my hair would be good. Until I completely bleached several times in a row, my usually strong and energetic hair began the strike of “no more massive bleaching”. I’m not particularly surprised, because I know why this happened. This is my own radical choice. Now I welcome every help I can get to nourish my hair.

Just as spring excites me, the idea of having healthy blonde hair makes me happier. Please understand me; I love blonde hair on the beach, where a slightly dry hair quality is the key. But now I know how beautiful my hair will become after using Nexxus humectress caviar serum. Well, I’m fascinated. So, “Nexxus spring update” is now in progress. I tried this incredible product on the weekend, which is the credit of NEXXUS New York Sharon care. It’s perfect for your hair. No matter how much damage your hair has, it can make it look much better. Please look at mine!

If you want to do comprehensive spring care for your hair like me, please check my Instagram feed and have a chance to win a trip to the Nexxus salon in New York City and Tribeca! All you need to do is participate in the competition.