Love linen was born in bloom in Western Australia, where every day is an endless summer. Helen Atcheson founded love linen. Love linen is full of enthusiasm for the beauty and internal quality that only linen has and has created the most beautiful holiday clothing, which is very suitable for our Australian climate.

Short-term, ethical and sustainable made in Australia is the core work of love linen. They have great enthusiasm for becoming part of Australia’s slow fashion movement. Love linen only makes a few pieces of each design, using different, carefully selected, 100% pure quality linen fabric from Europe. Their clothes are made with love at every step.

Love linen believes that they are responsible for spreading the slow fashion movement through their love for flax, the oldest natural fiber in the world and is still loved by people today. Most people find that flax is surprisingly easy to take care of even in our modern world.

Love linen is pure linen clothing inspired by a broom, designed for women who attach importance to the awakening and self-consciousness of high-quality clothing that can stand the test of time.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All love linen products are designed in bloom in Western Australia, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All love linen products are manufactured in bloom in Western Australia, Australia.

+Sustainable and zero waste
All love linen clothes are made of linen, a sustainable natural fiber. The team uses dead fabric as much as possible. All series include thoughtful works, and each style is produced in a short time with excellent quality. This means that each piece of work is designed to be durable and will be loved by people for many years to come. Love linen’s digital mode production process also ensures minimal waste. Leftovers and rigid fabrics in production are transformed into new patterns and other small items, such as handbags.

Love linen produces every product safely and transparently. All love linen clothes are created by Australian recognized manufacturers, who operate legally and pay legal wages to workers.

+Eco friendly fabric
Love linen’s collection is made entirely of linen.

Love linen is Australian ethical clothing association (ECA ®) Certified.

No animals have been injured in the process of textile production or manufacturing. In the whole love linen series, no animal textiles or animal by-products are used.

You can ask the love linen team questions about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes authentication.

+Australian ethical clothing association
Love linen was designed and manufactured in bloom, Western Australia, Australia.

Buy all the products of love linen here to support the future of ethical fashion.

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