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Lipstick Essentials

For a long time, I didn’t like to wear lipstick on myself. I like some of my girlfriends, but whenever I put it on my lips, I feel old. Not as old as your grandmother, but as old as my own face. It’s as if I was playing with my mother’s Lipstick when I was 10 years old. Only recently did I begin to wear lipstick and really like it.

Anyway, last week I posted the hue of my favorite Chanel lipstick on Instagram, and you are all crazy about it, asking me my number, name and so on. Well, here they are (again)! Two perfect colors of summer can be bought online — I just found that you can buy Chanel’s beauty products online, yeah!

This is my favorite.

This is not a sponsorship article, this is my favorite I share with you.

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