Lauren and Angie were born out of love for a more sustainable lifestyle and opposition to the rapid fashion boom. The team’s goal is to create simple and classic clothes that you can integrate into your unique style and wear in many seasons without worrying about their obsolescence.

Made of organic cotton, linen and other eco-friendly fabrics, Lauren and Anji’s goal is to bring love back to clothes and recall the feeling of handmade, which has been lost in the fashion industry. For them, ecological fashion is about using existing resources or resources that have as little impact on the environment as possible to ensure a brighter and sustainable future.

Their team in Geelong studio carefully handmade every piece of Lauren and Angie’s work. There is no factory, no mass production — only simple clothes full of love.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All Lauren and Angie series are designed in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All Lauren and Angie series are made in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

+Sustainable development
Lauren and Angie’s team usually only make clothes when they receive orders unless they need Inventory for marketing activities. This process maintains the inventory level to avoid wasting fabrics, which you may use in future series. Lauren and Angie only use natural fibres, which will decompose when discarded. They also try to use finished goods and things that already exist in the world rather than using resources on earth to create new things. They are working hard to achieve zero abandonment as soon as possible.

+Conform to ethical standards
All Lauren + Angie’s works were produced in Lauren’s home studio. She is easy to manage working conditions because she only needs to take care of my occupational health and safety practices. Lauren ensures that they have been recognized and meet my standards regarding fabric suppliers.

+Eco friendly fabric
The main fabrics used in Lauren and Anji’s series are linen, organic cotton and wool.

You can ask Lauren and Angie’s team for information about their supply chain, practices and manufacturing processes.

Lauren and Angie were designed and manufactured in Geelong, Victoria, Australia.
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