How I Colored My Hair Pink

Three weeks ago, I went to my new hairdresser in the meat packing area for hair consultation, and we made a plan. However, I can only do my hair in the earliest week of New York Fashion week. too bad! Obviously, I don’t agree with my big root — at least half of you don’t agree — so I have to do something radical Something that can draw attention from the root Since I made my hair platinum, I want to make something like lavender or gray, or even pink. But I never had the courage to do it. However, when “bad things happen”, you will have the courage

So I asked my sister to bring a washed hair color from the London bleaching company. She brought roses and bruised violets. Although I prefer pink to violet, I finally used violet, because the remaining pink is not enough, even everywhere In my own way, that is, I ignored the appliance guide on the bottle — terrible. I know it’s risky, but it can’t be worse than now. Besides, it’s washed out, so in case it’s really bad, I’m ready to wash my hair 100 times Or use my sister’s shampoo — also from the London bleach company.

I went into the bathroom and wet my hair. I poured my ordinary shampoo into one hand and a big drop of violet into the other. Mix the two together and wash your hair as usual When it was completely soaked, I turned off the shower, timed for 10/15 minutes, and then washed my hair. After completion, you get this amazing pink effect. I can’t be happy anymore.

But the important thing is that if you buy violet and think you will get the color of Lavender / violet, you must be ready to accept a different result. Maybe it’s the way I use it — mixed with my ordinary shampoo — or because I didn’t leave it in long enough, but obviously it’s not purple. This does explain the quality problem of bleach London shampoo, but not all! I can still recommend it, both in the past and now. I can still recommend it, and I am quite satisfied with the result. Just note that.

Last but not least, when I do this, my hair is blonde. If your hair is different from platinum, I don’t know what the result will be. In addition, what proved that it did not work on dark blond hair was my hair roots without color.

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