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How Do I Wash My Hair

Recently, I have taken my hair very seriously, as well as my hair. Not that I didn’t have it before, but “serious” means I’m looking for a product that suits my hair. Those products are most suitable for my hair to create an ideal “hairstyle”. In the past, I just bought any shampoo or conditioner that looked good on the drugstore shelves. Although, I’ve tried, I usually don’t complain, so I continue to use them. However, now I know more about hair, especially my hair, and I understand better the products I should use.

Therefore, the following are the products I began to use after I last went to the NEXXUS New York salon in Tribeca.

I first use NEXXUS New York salon care Hydra light rebalancing shampoo, which is the first step to rebalancing my hair. This shampoo is specially made for people with small hair. This product does not contain silicon and can produce an ideal weight-free effect.
The second step is NEXXUS New York salon care Hydra light restoring condition, which contains deep-sea minerals, can restore the protective barrier, untie the hair, and create natural floating movement.

Then there is the third step, which you can do outside the shower, smoothing and thinning. At this stage, I use my favorite product. Nexxus New York Salon Care Root Lifting Mist。 This product is an ideal choice for fine hair that needs some hair volume. I spray it on my hair, from the root to the tip. It provides the structure for my hair. When I comb my hair by hand, I need a whole day to create hair volume. Finally, if I decide to blow my hair straight, I will use NEXXUS New York salon care heat protecting mist. It helps to keep my hair moist and protects my hair from the damage of heat styling.