Fashion Week Beauty Preparation

I can’t believe that “fashion month” is ending. The last stop, Paris, is always the most exciting for me, so I ensure I get a full rest when I arrive. Part of this process is taking care of my mind and body. Take a little more time to apply my day cream. Maybe you should be extra careful to use my favourite facial essence and create the most relaxed family environment.

My ceremony is simple. I’ll take a hot bath first, scrub my legs with rituals’ fortune Scrub (read my favourite scrub salt here), wash my ears, and do the necessary shaving here and there. After coming out of the bathroom, I put on my house clothes and began to wash my face. My method is to use Soothing Essence. I applied it to my temples, forehead and neck slowly according to Tao | Qi of rituals. Chinese Mint has a cooling effect, which will help the whole relaxation process.

Then create a perfect atmosphere at home, preferably in my bedroom, where I read for inspiration. My recent obsession is happy mist from rituals. I didn’t expect this thing to have such a good and lasting smell and impact my real relaxation. I found its real effect when I sprayed the pillow to take photos. Even Thomas asked me what the magical smell was. Since then, I spray it on my bed pillow every two days, and I’m sure to take it to Paris! “.

All these little things don’t need space, don’t need too much time, and you don’t have to leave the house — that’s why I believe \myrituals is useful to me. They help you create a quiet family hot spring environment, where only the bathroom and possibly your bedroom is used as calm places, where you can relax and even work, just like I am preparing for Paris fashion week! “.

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