Countdown and three things I like to do in New York

Slowly, I began to get used to the idea that another year was ending, and we would spend Christmas and new year’s Eve away from many close friends and family. Generally speaking, I’m not too sentimental — I mean, life goes on. As mentioned in an earlier article. Com, fragrance/perfume often reminds me of They can take me back to the past So in the spirit of the festival, since we are talking about perfume today, here are some minor details I like to do a few days before the festival just because it smells good.

Let’s start with the obvious: gifts my notes on iPhone are simply full of ideas about Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus, celebrated on December 5) and what to give them at Christmas. My parents and sisters will not be left behind — here is the part they should stop reading because I started using the new Tiffany perfume from New York Fashion Week, that is, the one I am holding in the picture that my mother and sisters will find in their Christmas socks this year!!. So fresh and delicate. I believe they will also like it if I like it so much.

Second: drinking hot cocoa in the Bemelmans bar of Carlyle Hotel, where we also took these photos — I like to come here often at any time of the year. This place not only exudes the traditional flavor of New York but also has the most lovely murals, which can bring me into the holiday spirit at any time of the year. The corner I’m sitting in represents winter, but when you look around the Bemelmans bar, you’ll see all the seasons painted on the wall. It’s so beautiful. Their heat is the only thing I like; The thickness is just right, not too milky, and it smells like heaven.

Another thing I like to do in autumn and winter in New York, especially now that we live in the upper west side, which is suitable for families, is to walk in the park. I must admit that I haven’t done enough because I’m trapped behind my desk most of the time, but the smell of trees in autumn or the cold air in winter is everything. It brings me new energy and inspires me. And when it snows and Christmas lights come out, New York has become a winter wonderland.

This article was created in collaboration with Tiffany & Co perfume! During the holiday

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