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Chantecaille Holiday

The inspiration for Chantelle 2021 summer series comes from the summer bathing in the sunshine on the coast of Amalfi, Italy. It immediately brought me back to our own Coast trip a few months ago. The color, formula and packaging are reminiscent of the clear blue water and the colorful cliffside village. You fall in love with its beauty again and again. With the arrival of the warm season, this series of ten products can perfectly bring you the light of the Mediterranean, whether you are going out in the city, traveling during the holiday, or adding a little warmth to your daily office makeup.

Sirena Bronzer has a creamy elastic texture, which integrates with the skin, leaving a thin layer of colored tulle. Using the technology of combining pearls and pigments, the fine size and texture of the particles make it fuzzy and perfect and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I like to use the lighter part as the highlight, which gives people a natural but beautiful luster.

Mermaid eye cream comes in two colors, Sylvie (gentle Brown) and Olivia (dove grey). It is a silky matte paste shadow with a long duration and no wrinkles because it is injected with silk tree extract, which provides a lifting and smoothing effect on the eyelids. These two tones are very pleasing and excellent in creating depth or increasing eye warmth. These tones are special because they are inspired by the founder Sylvie Chantelle and her daughter Olivia, creative director of Chantelle.

The luminous eye shadow of sole (golden peach) or mare (sepiolite water blue) provides the most beautiful luster for the eyelids! Their inspiration comes from the undulating gloss. Inspired by the undulating brilliance of the ocean, they use the latest pearl technology to create a watercolor painting on the eyelids, which you can use alone or in layers to obtain a deeper and more dramatic appearance. Injected with rice protein, the gel powder formula uses the next generation of pure pearl particles to create a natural watercolor effect on the eyelids.

Lip sleep is available in Litchi (dark nude), papaya (tropical orange) or Brazilian Berry (dark berry purple). Papaya is my favorite color. It is an instant popular transparent color that can brighten any appearance. Its innovative stick oil formula is incredibly moisturizing, smooth and comfortable and can strongly regulate the lips. It is packaged in a soft metal click pencil box, which can release color with one click.

The vert (emerald green) or Bleu (dark blue) of Les PERLES Eyeliner Pen can create the smoothest, highly pigmented metal lines. The applicator makes it very easy to draw precise lines to achieve the perfect la dolce vita cat’s eye. They can create elegant, multi-dimensional key sequences, and I also like that it is a water-based formula. The texture is soft and the procedure is durable, but it is easy to remove gently.

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