Chanel Le Rouge Collection

I want to say first that any time with Chanel is a perfect time. Therefore, nothing is more important than being invited by Chanel’s beauty team to London to attend the first series launch of Lucia pica, Chanel’s new global creative makeup and color designer. Chanel Le Rouge Collection N°1.

As Gabrielle Chanel once said, “red is the color of life, the color of blood, I love red”, and Lucia pickup entirely agrees with this enthusiasm for the red “I’m fascinated by red,” pickup said. “For me, red has power and emotion, warmth and chaos”. When walking through different rooms, she showed us a series of incredible photos, capturing the dramatic and sensory elements of life, I can feel this love for color. “I want to explore the meaning of color and the things behind it. There is an idea about the symbolic meaning of red, and the tone of red runs through the whole series.”.

I was not only impressed by the creative process of actually creating a series but also began to fall in love with her. I mean, wow, what an inspiring woman this is! Her beautiful French accent and sweet smile told us how her first series for Chanel was so refreshing.

In different hues, textures and surface treatments, carefully daubed on the faces of three angelic models, Lucia pica revealed many aspects of this iconic hue and the expressive palette she created for her face, lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Of course, after listening to all the introductions, it’s time to try this new series on our faces. At the suggestion of Lucia pica, I chose copper eye cream, crimson eyeliner, and dark lips. The deepest lipstick in this palette — who would have thought it looked so hot!?