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Burt’s Bees Lipstick

You know I like lipstick, right? I really, really like it. It gives me strength and makes me feel invincible. Until today, I still remember the scene when I first tried red lips. Like most people, I’m nervous. “Do I look stupid” or “too exaggerated”? I had my concerns, but I did it anyway. Since that day, I have never looked back. Now, I put on lipstick to feel sexy, strong, powerful and energetic. Although red is my first love, I now try to use all colors.

On this new year’s Eve, I worked with Burt’s bees to show the power of lipstick through three lip shapes. I like that every color has its personality, which completely changes the feeling of clothes. In the first lip makeup, I superimposed suede splash lipstick of Burt’s bees and their solar eclipse lip gloss to form soft, natural cosmetics, chic and feminine. For the second lip, I use the new Burt’s bees gloss lip crayon in the Pacific coast as the lip line to fill my lips. Then, I added Ruby ripple lipstick to it to create a bold and vibrant lip color, which is very interesting and very suitable for the New Year! Finally, I used Burt’s Bee Gloss Lip Crayon’s Bordeaux vines monochrome lipstick to create a dark, sultry look. All three shapes match my party dress perfectly, and I can’t wait to put them on! On different days, of course. Of course, on other days. Ha!

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