Beauty Editor Does Not Hurt

I have ordered some of my favorite summer beauty products. If you have been wondering what my daily beauty necessities are.

I like my hair like a beach, but most of the sea salt sprays I’ve tried will only make my hair heavy and greasy soon. This Maui wowie beach spray, as it says, will definitely make my hair amazing, light and elastic. Then, in order to ensure that my current black circulation is abnormal, I use by Terry concealer.

This Concealer was introduced to me last time at Paris fashion week. This is another product that feels very light, almost like you don’t wear anything on your skin at all. Apply M.A.C.’s Pink / orange powder Blusher on the cheeks to get a fresh appearance, and some Chanel’s eye black to ensure that my eyelashes are colored and clearly visible. In terms of nails, scrub well. I even use this big body brush placed in the shower to gently scrub my hands, and then wipe them with Aesop hand cream.

Finally, finish with Chanel’s dark nail polish, because although I like bright nails, I insist on using dark nails myself.

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