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Bare Face Maintenance in Your 30S

Those who have followed me for the past year know I am not good at beauty procedures. I don’t wash my face every night. There is no transparent system for using face cream (even now I’m 30 years old). I may not even be able to tell you what product I used this morning. I can blame all this on being a busy mother and businesswoman. I try to make everything work as much as possible, but there is no good reason not to do beauty in the right way. Since I started blogging, I have obtained some fantastic beauty and skin care products, so it’s time to use them well.

So I’m here, naked on my blog, so you can see that I’m starting to use Elizabeth Arden’s preview ® Skin condition before the series. In this article, I didn’t modify any of my portraits so that you can see the fine lines and dark circles under my early 30s. In the next few weeks, I will take you through my preview ® Travel, and show you my first-hand experience of using products – if you add them to your skincare plan, what can you achieve.

Generally speaking, I am pretty satisfied with my skin condition, but I have seen changes in my skin condition over the years, especially after James and Stella. After becoming a mother, lack of sleep and lack of skin care methods has caused losses. As a result, I have dry spots from time to time, and fine lines around my eyes and mouth. Of course, they laugh (of course), but even if I don’t laugh, they will still exist. In addition, I have dark circles under my eyes. I must admit that this is my family inheritance. It often makes me look more tired than the actual situation, and I hate it; I’ve always hated this.

Therefore, if products fulfill their promises, using preview ® Anti-aging daily essence and eye cream will reduce fine lines; PREVAGE ® Anti-aging moisturizing lotion will protect my skin from UVA and UVB rays, and immediately replenish moisture for my dry skin, making me look brighter and shinier. Preview ® Anti-aging care enhancement cleanser will ensure that my skin is clean and in the perfect state of “accepting” the other three products.

We will discuss this problem in about four weeks, and then I will tell you that I use preview ® Of course, my experience of the product, and class, the changes it has brought to my skin. In addition, you will have the opportunity to preview the ® Series of products.