We all experience the world in different ways. For example, when the amici group immerse themselves in their own lives, immerse themselves, and experience every moment along the way, they will have the best experience. Explore like locals and hang out in local shops. No matter where they are, they can feel the breath of the place. Although the amici collective’s team always looks at the scenery, they like to get lost in the alley. Usually, this is where you find the real heartbeat of a place.

It is this concept that inspired the amici collective. When you feel uncomfortable, it is difficult to immerse and live in the present, which is often brought about by carrying a travel bag. It seems that people always have to choose between the following two kinds of bags: one is a practical bag that lacks style on the road, and the other is a fashionable bag that is rarely provided in terms of function. Amici collective believes that fashion and function are not mutually exclusive, but when they are combined, they will bring a confident and relaxed style to your life.

Amici collective was born to bring a luxurious style to travel and life. This series of genuine leather bags are designed and handmade in Australia, combining elegant details and practical functions so that your necessities are orderly, safe, and have a minimalist style, which you can make yourself.
Design inspiration

Inspired by her travel experience, Amanda created the amici collective to solve the dilemma between style and function when traveling. Amanda hopes to create a brand that will bring confidence and effortless style to women and make them feel free to experience the world in their way. The purpose of her series of design is to develop multifunctional products with purposeful functions. All products are wrapped in fashionable and elegant aesthetics, which you can combine with women’s style.
Brand value
Quality and artistry. Amici collective’s products are designed and handmade in Sydney, using traditional techniques and high-quality materials to create unique products that stand the test of time.
Purposeful design. All aspects of the product are intentional design, even packaging, and its iconic dust cover is for reuse and reuse at home or during travel.

Gratitude. Amanda’s experience shaped her belief that travel is a privilege out of reach for many people. This is why we give back to the community in need every time we buy.

Brand value
+Australian Design
All amici collective products are designed in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+Made in Australia
All amici collective products are manufactured in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

+Sustainable development
Amici collective implements low waste production and tries to reduce leftovers in the production process. Amici collective’s product range includes thoughtful works with craftsmanship and excellent quality, which means that each piece is made to be loved by people for many years.

+Ethical compliance
Amici collective produces every product safely and transparently. Each product is handmade in their Sydney studio, using the highest quality skills and ethical practices.

You can ask amici collective’s team questions about their supply chain, practices, and manufacturing processes.

Amici collective is ethically designed and manufactured in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Support the future of ethical fashion and buy all products of amici collective here.

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