A Short Story About Hair

Hair is a delicate problem. Once you screw it up, it will go far. I have also messed up sometimes. Looking back at my hair history, I want to know how I can still have my hair on my head. No, I’m kidding, but I admit that I have learned more about my hair and how to treat it over time. So I can’t and won’t tell you about the general history of hair — as the title of this article may convince you — but what I want to do is to tell you more about the history of my hair and hope to help you achieve your “perfect” hair faster than I do.

So over the years- I mean more than 15- I’ve done many things with my hair. On the contrary, those things are known to be bad for it. It all starts with DIY hair dyeing. Well, as we all know, this is usually not like the picture on the package unless you are one of those family hair dyeing experts, and I am not. Then I saved money, took a new direction, and made highlights in a salon in my hometown. It’s not very successful, considering leopard spots are only suitable for leopards, not humans. I began to find that all this was related to hair colorists. I did my homework and began to travel for my hair. In other cities, I found a person who did an excellent job as different hair colorists. Finally! “。

Yes, I always choose blonde hair, but I never prefer those ugly yellow tones — sorry, the picture may be a little distracting, but the indoor light is creating a “miracle”. Therefore, with all the mobile, Singapore, Beijing, London, and New York, every time is a task to find out where and who can do my hair well. A person who can understand me. Now, this applies not only to your hair colorist. I’m lucky to work with the best people in this field in New York, but I also met an extraordinary person who always knows how to cut my hair in the best way. Someone who knows my hair. Most importantly, he can finish it in 20 minutes at most. So fast, so good. After the haircut on Thursday, I want to know why I didn’t go before fashion month because the person I refer to, Kevin Mancuso, the global creative director of NEXXUS New York salon care, has made a new look in my image hackneyed and stereotyped expressions? Sponsored articles? Yes, I held this event in New York with vogue and Nexxus, but I like this brand and the magic he exerts on my hair whenever I see Kevin. It would be a shame not to share it with you.

So, what did we do that day? At the Nexxus salon in New York, the first quickly identifies your current hair state. In my case, it needs good pruning and nourishing solid treatment. They used emergency é e care to create a miracle so that my hair has been strongly rebuilt, as they call it “responsive”. Most importantly, it also makes their salon experience different. After a quick hair analysis, they will make a plan you can take home. They treat and cut your hair and use the right products. Their subsequent treatment is straightforward so that they can do it at home. This is crucial because I don’t have much time to “do” my hair in the morning. So in my case, I use some mousse plus from the root to half of my hair, put my hair together like a ponytail, and then start blowing it dry. Blow in all directions. Comb the front hair and I’ll finish it.

Champagne and macaroni, free hair dryer, and Kevin’s styling suggestions. I think this is the perfect secret to a great hair experience.