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A Day in My Hair

My days usually begin an hour before the alarm clock rings. At that time, I think of countless things to do that day in my dream. It often puts pressure on me, but in the past four years, I have been trying to set priorities, which has helped me. Of course, my day revolves around fashion and beauty because that’s “my job”, but I always have time to drink coffee, buy flowers and shoot for my blog.

I have a little beauty program in the morning — I’ve shared it with you before — I can proudly say that I still adhere to this program, which is very important for me, a beauty novice. So I first wash my hair with NEXXUS New York salon care Hydra light rebalancing shampoo and then use their Hydra light restoring condition. It makes my hair feel light, smooth and clean. It is the perfect foundation for the products I use during the day.

Because I blow my hair daily, I began using Nexxus heat protection spray. It provides an extra layer of protection for my hair and prevents the heat of the hair dryer – if you use the hair dryer every day, it will cause significant damage to my hair. When my hair is about to dry, I separate it from the middle, spray it with Nexxus root lifting mist, and then repeat the division to both sides. This makes my hair more body shape and structure and looks fuller.

I went to buy morning coffee, or iced tea, because it was too hot in New York, and I was not used to iced coffee. I went to a cafe, wrote a blog post, and checked my email. I like to sit outside when it’s early in the morning and it’s quiet around the village. Although the weather is heating up quickly, I may stay out for an hour and run back to the place with air conditioning.

Because I don’t know when my hair will become “flat” again, I will take Nexxus hair root promotion spray when I go out. When I go out, I use my hand to separate my hair and then spray it. It is simple and effective. For me, it is an excellent portable solution, which makes my hair immediately elastic and bulky.

Then it’s time to have lunch with the children. On the way home, I often pass my favorite flower stall. I can never resist buying fresh flowers once a week. After lunch, I quickly changed clothes and took photos for my blog. I like New York very much, especially the background in the city center. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these backgrounds.

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