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3 Steps to Finish Makeup Organization

I am an elegant person. I said that. But I make up in the bathroom and put all my cosmetics in a messy drawer. I can’t find anything and don’t know what I have. So I decided to tidy it up! I created a dressing table in the office. I made a dressing table in my office/closet. It’s amazing! Here are my three makeup organization steps. Here are three steps for me to tidy up my cosmetics.

  1. Good lighting
    Find a place with plenty of natural light. It’s better to have a table/table where you can sit. It’s also very comfortable. If you don’t have natural light, you can use these bulbs that imitate the sun’s rays.
  2. Vanity mirror
    I spent a lot of money on this mirror of simplehuman. Its price is very high, but it is also excellent. It has a rechargeable battery, so there is no wire. You can move it at will. It is also equipped with a detachable magnifying glass; It is very suitable for eyebrow plucking. In addition, it has an application. The application can control lighting settings and other functions. Although I like this mirror, it is pretty large (and expensive), so I give you a smaller and cheaper substitute below.
  3. Acrylic cosmetic device
    Now is the exciting part! Once you have a good work area and lighting, it’s time to organize! These acrylic cosmetics organizers from Sorbus are the best. They are solid and beautiful, and you can mix and match various parts according to your needs. Once I have my work, I will classify and store my cosmetics. Put lipstick together, eyeliner, foundation make-up, powder blusher, brush, etc.

That’s it. Now, I look forward to making up every day instead of feeling depressed and upset about it. Happy finishing

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