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14 Day Challenge

Now, on the 14th day, I can say that I am super satisfied with the result of my challenge.

Hello, day 14! I participated in the 14 day challenge with Pantene. Now it’s the 14th day. I like this result very much. You may have seen my posts on the 1st and 7th days on Instagram. Here and here, I introduced my hair feeling to you Today, I will introduce you to the whole challenge.

On the first day, I was surprised to feel the softness that Pantene’s daily water regeneration shampoo brought to my hair. Conditioner can comb my hair very well. When I finish curling, my hair will be dry without irritability and have clear lines. Between two shampoos, I used Pantene wash-free hair care spray to add some vitality to my ponytail every day.

On the 7th day, I noticed my hair was softer than the previous two shampoos with the Pantene series for the third time. My hair feels more hydrated than before, and there are good hair days more and more frequently. Many curly shampoos don’t have foam, which will make my scalp feel dirty, but now, my scalp feels cleaner than before because the daily moisture regenerates the moisturizing foam of the shampoo.

Now, on day 14, I can say that I am super satisfied with the result of the challenge. I have more confidence in my hair and wear more than before! I have used Pantene for many years, but I have never used this specific series. I am excited to find this is the right series for me. This is one of the benefits of this brand. There are products suitable for every hair quality. So if you want to try your own 14 day challenge, go to CVS this week and buy a daily moisturizing update series at a very favorable price! Then, let me know all the information about it. Then, let me know everything in the comments. No one wants a bad hair day, so why not try a great hair day today?

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