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Skincare Tips

Cleansing water is the first step in my skincare program and may also be the most important step. Cynthia recently introduced it to me, and I haven’t looked back. This mild water will not deprive the skin of natural oil while removing cosmetics. I will take turns using these three staple foods at any time, but there are always smaller sizes for me to use when traveling. First, you need to smear a little cleaning water on Muji’s layered cutting cotton (if you want to be more extravagant, you can also use Shiseido’s facial care cotton) and gently wipe your skin.

Amorepacific cleansing foam, Koh Gen do Cleansing Cream
The next step is to use a cleanser. This is the first step I take in the morning, or the second step I take in the evening (after cleansing water). I have tried several rounds of cleansers, but both have succeeded in making my skin feel squeaky, but still soft and moist.

Tatcha enzyme powder, Aesop facial exfoliating cream
I use enzyme powder every other day (after washing my face), or I use an exfoliating scrub to replace it every week. Enzyme powder helps brighten and even skin tone without the need for chemical abrasives. In the past 2-3 years, I have probably used two bottles of amorepacific care enzyme skins (so it lasts for a while!), But I recently bought matcha enzyme powder and have always liked it. A few months before my wedding in 2012, I began to use enzymes for skin grinding every day (because it is mild enough), found it very effective, and continue to use it piously until today. Aesop’s cleansing facial exfoliating cream is suitable for exfoliation. I recommend Dr. Brandt’s Microcrystalline exfoliating cream, which can also leave a magical effect.

Radical Skincare Revitalizing Mask, Kiehls Cleansing Masque
In addition, I use a facial mask like the above once a week to give my skin extra luster. Radical’s revitalizing facial mask helps regenerate and repair skin. Keyan’s deep pore cleaning mud facial mask helps eliminate debris and accumulated dead skin cells on the surface, blocking pores and making the skin look dull.

Dr. Jart facial mask, cremorab flower facial mask, too cool for school egg facial mask, Koh Gen do Essence Facial Mask
Flake facial mask is my absolute love. I use it at least once or twice a week. Of course, there are various products on the market, but I found that the price and effect of Dr. Jart are very good, so I hoarded a lot, you can see. However, the facial mask of KOH Gen do and SK-II is amazing. If you want to reward yourself, their price is also worth it. It is recommended to use it before special activities. You want to make yourself radiant. I know I will use them more in the coming holiday season.

Cremorab care essence, caudali é beauty liquid, Dr. Jart pore medical heart, be the skin purification essence
After the face washing ceremony, I sprayed my face with a beauty elixir from caudali é. I swear to this spray, partly toner and skin care products. It claims to “smooth the skin, tighten pores, and provide instant shine because it stimulates microcirculation” — and it does. I always have a bottle of products with conventional specifications, but I also have smaller products to carry with me, especially during travel. Cremorlab essence is also very suitable for adding a pre-water layer to the skin before using nature. The trusted spirit I have been using recently are Dr. jart pore medic serum and be the skin’s purifying white water serum, which clarifies and brightens the skin with plant ingredients such as mushrooms, green tea extract and arbutin. Please note that all these products’ smell is also amazing – it’s just like the taste of great skin. (imagine it!).

Amorepacific sleep facial mask, cremorlab smooth pudding, Dr. jart ceramidin cream
I usually apply essence or moisturizer in summer, but as the weather gets colder and the air gets drier, I will apply both simultaneously. Therefore, I will use one of these face cream after using essence. They are very moist and will not suffocate the skin. I have neutral skin, so anything too thick will feel super dense and heavy, but these face cream dry quickly after use and lock in moisture simultaneously. They all work very hard to protect, restore and revitalize the skin. After I started using these products, I noticed that my skin became significantly smoother and “more shiny”.

Aesop body cleanser, Aesop body scrub, may coop body scrub, St. Tropez bronze Mousse
Physical care has become very important to me. When I take a shower, I always feel like a small spa. Compared with the real hot spring trip, I prefer to treat myself with better products like these that can illuminate my daily life. I like any Aesop product, especially their Geranium series. It smells good and is good for my skin. I use a cleanser every day and scrub once or twice a week. Scrub cream is really important for healthy skin. It can remove dead skin cells on the surface — all year round. Use it in summer because you want to show your body. Use it in winter because your skin is particularly dry.

Ren Moroccan Rose Body Oil, o’shudan skin oil

I have always disliked body milk because it is very sticky. When I found body oil, it was a revelation. Now I use body oil, and I swear never to use body lotion again. Body oil dries faster than lotion and makes the skin moister. This is because the skin just absorbs it. I think it works harder to keep your skin in its best condition. I’ve tried a lot, but I found these two are my favorite. O’shudan’s products have a nozzle, so it’s super easy to use. After taking a shower, I just wipe my body with a towel, and then use it directly. These two products smell good and leave a very beautiful luster on the skin. I like them very much, especially in summer, with a subtle bronze appearance.

Oribe Signature Shampoo, Oribe Signature Conditioner, Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo
In addition to the fact that I have the thinnest hair a person may have, I am also investing more and more in hair care. As I grow older, I’m really afraid of losing all my hair, so I’ve become more concerned about it recently. Oribo’s products are expensive, but they are really amazing and worth buying. I haven’t tried too many different series, but so far, the signature series is my favorite. I also use bumble & bumble’s Sunday Shampoo Well, it’s used every Sunday. It can detoxify hair. I think it’s necessary to live in New York.

Bumble & bumble thickened dry hair, Oribe heat setting spray, Oribe volumize mist.
These products bring a little plump feeling to my hair. Royal hair dryer spray sounds extravagant, but it makes me smile every morning because of the absurdity of the name. It is a hair protector. If you blow-dry your hair every day like me, it is important to provide it with some heat barrier. It also helps repair split hair, and nourish, soften and strengthen hair. Volumista spray is very good for giving some extra elasticity and movement to sparse hair. I heard that Oribe’s dry hair spray is very good, and I can’t wait to try it. I also like bumble’s dry spin finish, which is a bit like a dry shampoo, but I also use it to add extra volume to my hair.

I am quite loyal to my favorite brands (skin care products are mainly Asian ones, because I think they are the best for my skin), but I have been looking for new products to try. Skin care products are interesting because it’s always a little scary to venture out of your comfort zone, because your skin may have a bad reaction, but we always want to get the next best thing.

Never forget that beauty is in your heart, but you only have one face, so take care of it!

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