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Say Byebye to Dry Skin

Nothing irritates me more than dry hands, feet, lips or any part of my skin because it is exposed to cold winter, air pollution and the irritancy of water every time I wash my hands or shower. Now don’t get me wrong. I like taking a bath and I also wash my hands. No matter the above situation, I want to think of a way to leave dry things outside the door. This is what I did.

I began to try every product in my so-called “beauty drawer”. Since I started blogging, especially in the past two years, I have received many gifts of beauty products. Some products are even more magical than others, some are outrageously expensive — that’s why I’m more grateful for contributions, I mean, I can’t afford to buy them even if I want to — and some products have proved to be very bad. For example, I will never recommend these products to you, even if someone pays me.
In short, this article is about saying goodbye to dry skin, so I have listed some of my favorite beauty products for the face and lips. I will discuss hand care and leg dryness next time. By my troth! Let’s start with Elizabeth Arden, a great skincare brand. When I began to cooperate with them, I entered this brand, but at the same time, it also made me realize that I have been using “them”: their eight-hour cream and then its lipstick. I like its taste. It reminds me of the taste of grey Earl tea, and it turns out that it can restore my lips in a few days — although not in eight hours. Another great product is their preview anti-aging essence. The texture feels perfect — I wouldn’t say I like cream or body too watery — and I don’t get any allergic reactions or outbreaks. How much does it help fight to age?

Read the full review here! Finally, the latest product of Elizabeth Arden, which I have been using — Thomas, too, likes it very much because he doesn’t feel any problems after applying — is their superstart Skin Renewal Cream. I can’t judge its “effect” because I haven’t used it long enough, but I like it for the same reason Thomas likes it.

Another skincare brand I started using two years ago is 111skin. Their bio-cellulose facial mask is a real enjoyment, as is the actual eclipse Recovery Cream. Recently, their celestial black diamond series came out. I like its eye essence, although it is too “water” for me. Nevertheless, because it can provide water for my periocular area, I have used it until it has been used up, but now it has been used up. It’s time to try a new beauty product, Estee Lauder’s eye night repair product. Since I bought it at the airport from London to New York last November, I have used it day and night. This may be my favorite eye cream so far. It feels like the silliest thing I’ve ever applied on my skin. It’s so soft and it’s almost absorbed immediately. It’s a pleasure every time you use it.

The last brand on my bathroom shelf is Chanel’s skin care products. I have tried several different series, but la Nuit is the most nourishing one. I use it not only at night but also when I feel that my skin needs charging. Their solution 10 is perfect on all levels — primarily when I use a lot of cosmetics for photos or long flights, my skin will experience a sensitive period.