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How to Get Fresh Looking Skin

Speaking of skincare products, I have been a rookie for a long time, but everything has changed this year. In my endless search for the “best” face cream and essence – those products that work well with my skin, have good texture and pleasant smell – I learned about Avon’s anew skin care products. Therefore, it is time to test them and incorporate these products into my daily beauty program. This is what happened.

I was fascinated. Not immediately, because like every new product, I have to try it for a few weeks before I know whether it is “effective” for my skin. But after those weeks, I was fascinated. Of course, there are also some aspects I mentioned earlier. Texture, smell, etc. These things may not be necessary to you, but I need all these things to be perfect. As for anew vitamin C whitening essence — this is my absolute favorite of these three products — it smells delicious and rich in texture — it won’t make you feel greasy — and it feels like a “pleasure” when applied to your skin at night. Fascinated!

Like anew’s super exfoliating pads — this is a slogan — usually not in my daily work, but as I said, I’m here to try, so I began to use these pads to remove skin makeup, which is a little convenient. This is a great advantage in my busy life, and I don’t have much time for myself. It’s straightforward to remove the makeup of “one day” from my face. Besides, they are not greasy — because I often find those mats. I won’t use it to remove my eye makeup, because the area around my eyes is susceptible, but you can use it on my face and neck.

As you can see in the photo, the anew AHA Refining Cream, which I use a lot, feels like cream on my face. I almost want to eat it. No, I’m kidding, but you know what I mean. Silky and rich, but not greasy either. This is an excellent supplement to my current favorite. Although I must emphasize that these products work well with my skin, my skin is relatively easy. I can’t say how effective the product is on your skin, but I encourage you to try it. The price point is super good, and you won’t see it reflected in the quality of the product.