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Confident with Curls

Two years ago this summer, I had a “big chop”. I cut off all my chemically treated straight hair and decided to keep my curls.

I like John Frida conditioner’s “your hair can speak, make a statement” activity and everything it represents. That’s why I’m happy to talk about hair with them. My carefree curls are a statement, and I don’t want any other way. It tells the world that I am not afraid to be myself. I hope I can encourage women and young girls with hair like me to hug their hair.

Therefore, I want to share the “wash off” program. I use John Frieda’s frizz ease product to help my curly friends. The most challenging part of my hair transformation process is finding effective products. I started using frizz ease ten-day tamer pre-shower treatment on my dry hair. It’s amazing, ladies. It makes my hair so soft and smooth. After the treatment, I jumped into the bathroom and used a combination of frizz-ease moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. With a big toothcomb, I comb my hair open in the shower. From the tip of my hair, all the way up, be careful not to pull too hard. After taking a bath, I sprayed frizz-ease leave-in conditioner when my hair was still very wet. The final step is to “roll up” any curly hair that is not clear enough with your fingers and then let it dry. In this way, it is finished.

After about 3-4 hours (yes, it takes so long for my hair to completely dry!), I have the curly hair of my dream. Curly hair: I didn’t know I had such curly hair for most of my life! Therefore, ladies, whether your hair is curly, straight, blonde, black or in between, embrace your hair. Show the world your hair can speak and make a statement! “.

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